Interiér komfort

Interior furniture imported exclusively from Vietnam. The goal of our concept is to treat you not only to tasty Asian food, but also to the traditional Asian atmosphere that you will never forget.


Pro Váš žaludek jídlo

Only the most experienced in the field take care of your dishes. We offer a wide range of dishes from Vietnamese, Thai and Japanese cuisine, in which we focus primarily on sushi. Also do not be afraid to ask our waiters for recommendations from any cuisine. They will be happy to advise you!


Speciální akce muzika

How to cook prepare summer rolls? What music characterizes Vietnamese or Japanese culture? We regularly organize public special events at our branches, where in addition to good food, you can also have fun and learn something new!

Sledujte nás sítě

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Již přes 10 let vám do úst přinášíme to nejlepší z asijské kuchyně. Za tu dobu jsme nasbírali spoustu zkušeností, které se snažíme uplatnit v každé z našich 4 poboček po celém Česku.